Ben & Zikki

boutique farm-to-table catering

Ben&Zikki create bespoke menus to complement any event style and atmosphere, from an intimate

family meal to business and private festive occasions, and at the highest culinary level.

Delivering distinct fresh flavors and high-quality professional service is at our core.


Ben&Zikki Catering cook and bake colorful and exciting experiences that invigorate all

the senses. High quality Seasonal ingredients, the finest meat and fish and our very own

baked goods will warm your heart and delight your guests. The catering specializes in

tailor-made menus with a personal touch fit for every occasion.





Intimate family meal

Family style serving accompany with beautiful flowers. Everything is hand-made, from scratch, using our very own recipes. The best way to host some friends and family for special occasions.


Tasting Menus

Imagine having a fine dining restaurant experience in the comfort of your own home. No one rushing you to finish, no filtering of crazy conversations, you can drink your own wine or cocktails, relax and have a night of just pure delicious fun!



Do you want a unique wedding experience to blow your guests' mind? It all starts with the food. We will help you bring all your dreams to life and cater a special event you will never forget.


Corporate Events 

From intimate boardroom lunches to elegant cocktail parties to huge galas, Ben&Zikki will take care of anything you need. We will devise a delicious, mind-blowing menu with the same care and attention to your needs and outcome. We specialise in making your events as successful and smooth as you deserve!


Feast Buffet Tables

Farmer’s Market feast buffet table. The food is served scattered and with an amazing variety of tastes, smells and colors. At the market tables you can find a wide variety of foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, dips, spreads, breads, super fresh pastries and flowers. The market tables are covered with food so impressively that you can hardly see the table itself.

Perfect for corporate events, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays and many more.


Ben&Zikki catered a few cocktail hours for our conferences, and took the events to a whole new level. Until this day, the guests still speak about the food these guys served. Bravo!

The Center for US-Ukrainian Relations (CUSUR)

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