Walnuts Sourdough

Honestly, there is no add-in ingredients I like to put in my bread more than walnuts. Since I started to add more walnuts than usually recommended(25%!!!) I got addicted. Slice the bread and see the piece decorated with many chunks of walnuts makes me happy. And after toasted?! YO YO YO. I recommend you guys to use halves walnuts here, don’t cut it small please ok?


75% white flour

25% whole wheat flour

82% water

20% starter

3% sea salt

25% unsalted halves walnuts.

Preparation steps:

- Start with hydrating the walnuts. Weight them before adding the water. We

soak them in water because otherwise they will drink the water from the dough. If using salted walnuts just change the salt content to 2.5%. Soak the walnuts for 30 min, then drain the water.

- In a bowl add flour & water and mix until incorporated.

- Autolyse for 45 min.

- Add the starter. Mix until incorporated.

- 30 min rest.

- Add salt and a sip of water. Mix until incorporated.

- Perform 2 folds, 30 min rest in between,

- Add the walnuts and fold them in the dough.

- Let the dough to rest for 45 min.

- Perform another 2 folds, 30 min rest in between.

- After the last fold (4+adding the walnuts=5), give the dough another hour of rest.

- Preshape.

- Shape.

- Place in proofing basket and leave at room temperature for an hour.

- Proof in the fridge till the following morning.

- Score and bake in a preheated Dutch oven at 460F or 240C, with the lid on. 30 min.

- Remove the lid. Bake until the desire crust’s colour, I did here 25 min without the lid.

- Cool for an hour.

- Slice and eat it all with your lovers!


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