Truffle Tajarin (incorporated truffle in the pasta)

After the summer pasta hair design demonstration yesterday, I organized the recipe for this gorgeous truffle tajarin. What's tajarin? Tajarin is a traditional Italian pasta originating from Piedmont, where I lived for three years. The pasta is made with pasta flour and lots of fresh egg yolks. Then cut into a thin tagliolini. The traditional sauce is paired with pasta tajarin is a sage-butter sauce and freshly shaved truffles on top (truffles are also local to the Piedmont region. This region is so rich in food and culture it's crazy!). Inspired by my friend Joe Sasto, I decided to incorporate the truffle in the pasta dough. The result is unreal. Gorgeous "dirty" pasta (dirty from truffle dots), with a delicate flavor of truffle, exactly balanced to give a hint but not enough to overwhelm the palate. This is one of the most exciting pastas I've ever made. If you don't have truffles don't worry, you can use the same technique to incorporate any add-in you like. Be creative, it's so much fun!


For the pasta-

1 kg pasta flour (00)

32 egg yolks (about 570 gr)

Truffle, sliced super thin

For the sauce-

Butter or truffle butter

Pinch of salt

Parmigiano Reggiano

Black pepper

Sage leaves (optional)

Preparation steps:

- Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. With the egg whites, you can make a wonderful meringue.

- Pour the flour on the working surface. Make a pit in the middle.

- Start mixing the eggs into the pit, each time collecting more flour from the sides of the pile.

- When the eggs are fully incorporated into the flour, knead the dough until it is smooth and elastic.


If the dough is too dry, lightly wet your hands and keep working the dough.

You will be shocked how easily you collect the remaining flour on the surface.

- Wrap the dough and place it in the fridge to rest for at least one hour, maximum 2 days.

- When you are ready to make your pasta- boil some water. In the meantime, let's open the pasta.

- Using a rolling pin- open the dough as thin as you can. If you have a pasta machine start rolling on level 1 and go thin until level 6.

- Fold the pasta sheet in half, marking the half sign.

- Then shave the truffle as thin as possible and decorate half of the pasta sheet.

- Fold the other half of the pasta on the sheet with the truffle. Press the top layer of pasta into the truffle. Open again in the pasta machine, starting from level 2, and go thin until level 6-7.

- Cut the pasta as thin as 1 mm. Traditional pasta tajarin is thin like tagliolini. If you plan to store the pasta or cook it immediately this is what you can do:

- Immediately: Collect the pasta as a bunch, flour it properly (there is not such a thing as too much), and roll it on itself like the pic here at the top of the page. Cover it with a towel and cook it within a few hours.

- For later: Collect, flour, and roll on itself, then put in a sealed bag and freeze.

- Prepare the sauce by melting butter in a pan while cooking the pasta. Add the water from the pasta pot to the pan - just enough to create an emulsion in order to make a sauce.

- Add the pasta to the pan. Add Parmigiano Reggiano. Salt and mix well. If you see that all the water is absorbed in the pasta, add a little sip from the water of the pasta.

- Plate. Spread a nice amount of Parmigiano Reggiano and black pepper.

- Mamma mia, YASSS!


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