Truffle Butter

As someone who lived three years near the best source of truffles in the whole world- Alba- my mouth simply waters from hearing the name of the product. This recipe here is very similar to the Homemade Butter recipe I shared with you a few weeks ago, but this time we have a special guest! A BLACK TRUFFLE!!! Truffle is a unique animal, unlike mushrooms, they grow underground near tree roots and the best truffles are grown wildly. Truffles are very expensive products. This is due to the difficulty in finding them and their extremely short shelf life. I had the chance to get to know a truffle guy here in the US. He gave me some truffles to try. I don't want to use them all in three days so I decided to create some food products I can store in order not to waste the truffles. The first one in the truffle series is that unforgettable truffle butter. WOW.


- 1L heavy cream

- Black truffle

Preparation steps:

- Start by adoring the truffle. It is one of the most beautiful ingredients you can have in your kitchen. Literally the wagyu of the mushrooms.

- Grate the whole truffle. If we will slice it we won't get that much flavor in the butter. Set aside while making the butter.

- In a stand mixer's bowl pour in all the heavy cream. Attach the wire-whip (whisker).

- Start to beat the heavy cream at low-medium speed (speed 4 in KitchenAid).

- Once the cream starts to thicken- up the speed of the mixer to the 7-8 speed.

Using a spatula- scrape the side of the bowl and keep whisking.

- Beat the cream until you notice the butterfat separating from the buttermilk. Then lower the speed of the mixer- it will start to get messy. Once the butterfat coagulates and sticks to the whisk, you can drain off the buttermilk into a jar and use it later on (Don't throw away!!!!!).

- Remove the butter from the whisk.

- Squeeze the butter to remove any excess liquid.

- Place the butter in a bowl, add the grated truffles and mix them well in the butter.

- Take a piece of butter and place it on a baking sheet. Fold the baking sheet on itself and with a scraper (or the dull side of the knife) squeeze the butter to create a tube shape.

- Tie the edges like a big candy. It is a candy actually, for adults.

- Place in the fridge until the butter cools down completely.

- Take out from the wrap and eat it all with friends and family! There is nothing like sharing the joy of truffles.



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