Squid Taco

It's Taco Tuesday and this is the time to share with you my first taco recipe! I got myself a tortilla press a month ago and I'm still so excited about it! I already tried it a few times, exploring the magic of corn tortillas. They are so easy to make but require an understanding of the dough. The dough tends to get dry relatively quickly so I recommend preparing it right before you want to serve. I decided to open my taco series with an untraditional taco - a taco with a beautiful combination of colors and flavors, all melted into the perfect bite. Tell me here in the comments below - what is your go-to for the perfect taco? Tell me everything that goes inside!


For the Tortillas-

300 gr masa harina

300 ml warm water (about 130°F or 50°C)

5 gr salt

For the squid taco-

1 lb squids (I personally prefer to use the tentacles)

2 lb tomatoes (get them in any color and shape they have in the market)

1 mango

1 red onion

½ lime

½ bunch of cilantro

100 gr sour cream

Salsa verde (check out the Salsa Verde recipe)

Kosher salt

Black pepper


Making the tortillas-

- In a bowl, mix the masa harina and the salt.

- Add the water to the bowl and knead the dough for 2-3 minutes in the mixing bowl until it is smooth and forms a cohesive ball. If you feel that the dough breaks/crumbles add some water and keep kneading it until you get a homogenous dough. The texture of the dough should feel similar to playdough.

- Place the dough in a bowl, covered with a towel, and let it rest for 10-20 min. Some people will say it is not necessary to let the dough rest, but I'm a baker and it's in my nature.

- While the tortilla dough rests, start your grill and set it to 600°F or 315°C with a pizza stone placed on the net.

- Divide the dough into ping-pong size pieces. Round each of them to a ball.

- Place the dough ball between two pieces of parchment paper in a tortilla press. Then gently press the dough ball until it forms a 5-inch tortilla.

- Begin baking by removing the tortilla off the tortillas press quickly onto the pizza stone.

- Gently transfer the remaining tortillas to the stone. Let the tortilla bake on the first side for 30-40 sec.

- Then flip them quickly. Bake them for another 30-40 sec.

- Remove the tortillas from the stone. Cover them with a towel in order to keep them soft and warm.

Preparing the taco's add-ins-

- Isolate the pit of your mango by cutting away the sides. Then make crosswise cuts into the flesh. Cut or peel segments away.

- Slice the red onions as thin as you can, add a pinch of salt and lime juice. The salt and the lime will make the onions less intense and will bring out their perfect acidity.

- Place all the tomatoes on the grill and let them melt into themselves. Remove from the grill and place in a bowl, mix well into a sauce.

- Grill the squids until they are caramelized on one side, then flip them and keep cooking until the other side gets caramelized as well.

- Assemble the squid tacos: Spread a tablespoon of sour cream on the tortilla. Place the melted tomatoes on top. Add the onions, mango, and cilantro. Add the squids. Finish with a teaspoon of salsa verde.

- WOW! What a beautiful delicious squid taco!



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