Rogalach Babka

It's Babka. It's Rogalach. It's super-duper Chocolate. How can you resist this gorgeous Bakedy (like baked lady, am I the only one who found it funny?!). Anyway, this babka is whatever you ever wanted from a babka. Moist soft dough layered with sure enough fillings. Not dry and doesn't get worse the day after. Even better. I'm serious. I actually prefer it a day or two old. I call it rogalach babka because one of the filling layers is exactly like the rogalach filling- sugar, cocoa, and butter. The thinner you'll open the dough, the more layers of chocolate you have in between this amazing dough. Your peeps want you to make this babka for them. And if not you, then who?

*** Pay attention the ingredients for the dough yield 2 babkas, while the filling ingredients refer to one babka only ***

I keep it like that so with the other half of the dough you can fill up with any other flavors you have in mind (like peanut butter jelly babka, just saying...)


For the dough (for two babkas)-

500 gr white flour

220 gr sour cream

100 gr sugar

10 gr dry yeast

2 free-range eggs

100 gr soft butter

For the Rogalach filling (for one babka)-

90 gr sugar

80 gr super soft butter

40 gr cocoa powder

5 gr cinnamon

For the chocolate filling (for one babka):

250 gr of chocolate-hazelnuts spread

For the simple syrup (for one babka):

100 gr sugar

100 ml water

Preparation steps:

- In a stand mixer’s bowl pour flour, yeast, and sugar. Mix well.

- Add the eggs and sour cream.

- At the lowest speed knead until the dough starts to come together.

- Add the butter to the dough slowly-slowly.

- After adding all the butter, up the speed of the mixer one notch faster. Knead for 10 min.

- Work the dough for a minute and round to a ball.

- Wrap the dough and let it rest in the fridge overnight.

- The following day, take the dough out of the fridge and divide it in two. It will and should be a stiff dough. While working on one piece, place the other one back in the fridge.

- Open the dough with a rolling pin to a 1/2 cm thickness layer.

- Spread the super soft butter on the dough. Then sprinkle the sugar, cocoa, and cinnamon.

- Fold 1/3 of the dough from the bottom side up to the middle and 1/3 from the top side on the part that is currently laid in the middle. Like an envelope. Fold the right and left sides inwards so that the filling does not escape from the open sides.

- Open the dough with a rolling pin again to a 1/2 cm thickness layer.

- Spread the chocolate hazelnuts spread on the dough and roll it tightly.

- Place the rolled dough in the freezer for 45 min. It will help us to cut through it beautifully.

- After the roll cool cut it down the middle with a bread knife.

- Braid them and place the Rogalach babka in a baking tin, brushed with butter, and with a baking sheet to help to remove the babka from the tin once ready.

- Let the babka proof for about 2 hours.

- Preheat the oven to 365F or 185C.

- Bake for 45 min.

- In the meantime- make the syrup- just melt the sugar in the water.

- Take the babka out of the oven. Add the syrup slowly. Add a lot, please.

- Let the babka cool down completely.

- Cut to slice. Yo.



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