Ramazan Pidesi

This bread is a traditional leavened Turkish pita usually served during meals throughout the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar in which Muslims from all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset every day for 30 days. Every day's fast ends with a meal with all family and this bread is one of the symbols of that tradition. It supposed to be eaten while still hot so make sure you start to work on that dough 2-3 hours before the sunset! I have to say it is one of the most beautiful breads I've ever made. And it is so delicious, wow!


For the dough-

420 gr flour

240 ml lukewarm milk

35 ml vegetable oil

30 gr sugar

10 gr salt

10 gr dry yeast

For the brushing-

1 free-range egg yolk

10 ml milk

10 ml oil

For the topping-


Nigella seeds

Preparation steps:

- In a bowl- mix the milk, yeast, and sugar.

- Add the oil and stir well.

- Mix the flour and salt. Add them to the dough slowly. A third of the amount each time.

- Once you added all the flour in, keep working the dough on a working surface. If it is too sticky you can use a little bit of flour for dusting. A little bit!!

- After kneading the dough for 5-7 min it should be elastic and beautiful. Cover with a towel and let the dough rest until double in size.

- Spread coarse corn mill on a baking tray. It will prevent the dough to stick to the pan and will give it an extra crust.

- Gently transfer the dough from the bowl to the baking tray.

- Flatten the dough with your hand to a big pita shape. Should be 1/2 cm in thickness.

- Cover with a towel and let it proof for 45-60 min.

- Prepare the brushing mix by combining all the ingredients together.

- Dip your fingers in the brushing mix and create a circular edge to the pita (like a pizza crust).

- Then, still dipping your fingers in the brushing mix, create long parallel lines with your fingers along the center of the pita.

- Then turn the pita and create more lines to form a diamond shape (like in baklava).

- Brush the edge of the pita and spread sesame seeds.

- Brush the center of the pita and spread nigella seeds.

- Bake in a preheated oven (430F or 220C) for 20-25 min.

- Take out from the oven. Let the Ramazan Pidesi rest for 15 min then eat it all with your loved ones.



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