Purple Focaccia W/ Blueberries & Stilton Cheese

Look at that! 50 shades of blue. Blue dough, blueberries and blue cheese!

For the event we cooked this weekend I prepared a very special focaccia for the opening table. Blue or purple, everyone sees it differently, but we all agree that the color is just damn stunning! I added some blueberries and stilton cheese on top which both melted and created a gorgeous crust. The sourdough in the focaccia gives it a slow blossoming life. Sometimes she rises within a few hours and other times, she rises the next day! It is magic.


100% flour (80% white flour, 20% whole-grain flour).

85% lukewarm water.

20% sourdough starter.

2% amazing olive oil.

2% salt.

4% blue butterfly pea flowers.

Preparation steps:

- De-stem the flowers and pour boiling water on them. Let it drain, cool down, and use it as the water for the dough.

- Autolysis: In a bowl, mix the flour and purple water mixture (apart from 50 grams of water which we will use later on) until consolidation. Leave to rest for an hour covered with a towel.

- Add the sourdough starter, and fold the dough inward until the starter is covered.

- Add the salt and water from step 1 and knead until water and salt are incorporated into the dough.

- Add the olive oil and knead until incorporated. Folds on the side of the bowl create a beautiful, smooth side facing up. Cover with towel and let dough rest for half an hour.

- From this moment, every 30 minutes, we will fold the dough. Between the folds cover the dough with a towel.

- After 3 folds, oil the baking tray you will use for making the focaccia with a lot of olive oil, and move the dough there, with the beautiful side up. Cover and leave for half an hour.

- After resting, lightly stretch the dough towards the corners of the tray, not pushing it, if it returns slightly to the center- let it rest for another half hour and stretch again.

- After the dough is spread on the entire tray, cover the dough and let it rest until it nearly doubles its volume. It will take a while, but let her grow on her own.

- Half an hour before the dough finished proofing, when it seems to have doubled in volume, preheat oven to 230 °C.

- After the focaccia has proofed, decorate with blueberries and pieces of stilton cheese. Make holes in the dough with your fingers. Pay attention! We want to get the fingers to the bottom of the dough, to prevent it from rising at these wholes we did.

- Bake for 25-30 minutes.

- Take the focaccia out of the oven, brush her with olive oil.

- Try to resist 15-20 minutes before cutting her. Wow, Wow. Too tasty.



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