Pasta Farfalle (Bi-Colore)

So as I told you- last week was just the beginning of the Pasta Serie! This pasta here requires two pasta doughs- Yellow and Red. The yellow color is obtained from the eggs and the red from beet puree. The technique is very simple and the result is damn stunning. All you need is just to arrange the red pasta stripes on top of the yellow one. Then cut and shape to beautiful Farfalle shape. BTW- if you ask yourself why it called farfalle- that means Butterfly in Italian. It also looks like a bow-tie and that's why I close the video like this.


For the yellow pasta-

1 free-range egg for every 100 gr flour (in this recipe I used 3 eggs and 300 gr flour).

For the red pasta-

2 free-range eggs

300 gr flour

50 gr beet puree

For the sauce:

50 gr butter

10 sage leaves

Preparation steps:

- First, make the beet puree by simply boil one beet until soft. Then blend it into a smooth paste (it's important that the paste will be smooth, otherwise the pasta will break).

- Make the pasta:

- Pour the flour on the working surface. Make a pit in the middle.

- Break one egg at a time into a separate bowl. This way we clear that all the eggs are fine and avoid damaging the rest of the mixture just in case one egg is off.

- Start mixing the eggs into the pit, each time collecting more flour from the sides of the pile.

- When the eggs are fully incorporated into the flour, knead the dough until it is smooth and elastic.

- Wrap the dough then place it in the fridge to rest for at least one hour, maximum 2 days.

- Repeat the process with the red paste (just replace one egg with beet puree).

- When you are ready to make your pasta- boil some water and make the sauce. In the meantime open the pasta.

- Using a rolling pin- open the dough as thin as you can. If you have a pasta machine start rolling on level 1 and go thin until level 7.

- After opening the red pasta into a pasta sheet- cut it into a Tagliatelle shape.

- Arrange the red pasta strips on the yellow pasta sheet.

- Roll with a rolling pin.

- Cut the edges.

- Open in a pasta machine again (level 7).

- Cut the pasta with a pasta roller to rectangle pieces and shape them to Farfalle shape:

- Fold the rectangle piece like a wavy potato chip.

- Squeeze in the middle.

- Open to Farfalle shape.

- Boil water for the pasta. Salt the water properly.

- Cook for 4 minutes. In the meantime- Make the sauce by melting butter in a pan. Fry sage leaves in the butter and add some of the boiling water from the pasta to create an emulsion.

- Add the pasta to the sauce.

- Plate. Spread Parmigiano-Reggiano, the sauce, and black pepper on top.

- Damn!


- BenGingi.

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