Matzah Brei

There is nothing like waking up the day after Passover dinner to a beautiful Matzah Brei breakfast with your family. I always prefer to have the sweet version but you can definitely try this recipe out with the savory style. You can change the raisins to any add-in you want (chocolate chips, cheese, olives...). The cinnamon you can replace with any seasoning as well (thyme, rosemary, sumac...). As long as it has Matzah and eggs it can be called "Matzah Brei".


4 matzhas

100 ml whole milk

4 free-range eggs

50 gr sugar

40 gr raisins

1 nice teaspoon of cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla

Powdered sugar

Maple syrup

Preparation steps:

- Break the matzahs to pieces. Add the milk and let it soak for 10 min.

- In a separate bowl- whisk the eggs with the sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and raisins.

- Pour the egg mix on the matzahs. Mix well until homogenized.

- Pan fry with a cute amount of butter until you see the eggs are cooked.

- Plate. Pour tons of maple syrup on top. Add some powdered sugar.

- Eat with your lovers.



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