Chicken Soup for Matzo Balls

There is no dish that I like in Passover more than Kneydalah, which in English is called Matzah Ball. All my life, I’ve fought with my cousins about who will get more Kneydalah on his plate at Passover. And I was such a great fighter. The Kneydalah was always made by my aunt Yonat. She is a Kneydalah pro! Believe me. This year I decided to make them as I remember the flavors of her Kneydalah. However, I grounded my own Matzah flour. It gives so much depth of flavor to the Kneydalah - you wouldn't believe it! You should try it guys, you will be the star of the Seder tomorrow, no doubt! Here is my Jewish Chicken Soup recipe - something that just goes hand in hand with Kneydalah. It is simple and if it's made carefully- you don't need to add anything. It is fantastic as is!


2 onions

8 thin carrots

3 stalks of celery

5 free-range chicken drumsticks


Black pepper

olive oil



- Cut the onions into thin slices. Cut the carrots and the celery roughly. Season the chicken with salt and pepper.

- In a pot fry the chicken drumsticks in olive oil. Flip them only once they caramelized well! Once they are beautiful on all sides, take them out of the pot.

- Fry the onions in the pot until softened.

- Add the carrots and the celery. Toss them well in the pot until lightly softened. Add salt and pepper as you like.

- Add the chicken back and cover with a lot of water. It's a soup guys!

- Add fresh dill on top and cover with a lid. Cook on low heat.

- Make the Kneydalah:

- You can use matzah flour but believe me- it's 10 times better with fresh ground matzah flour. Simply blend the matzah in a food processor.

- Cook the Matzah balls in the soup for 5 min. Then serve them with the soup.

- You can definitely prepare them in advance. After cooking them put them in a box, let them cool down, cover with a lid, and keep them in the fridge for two days.

- You just made the best Matzah balls ever. You should be proud guys!



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