Loukoumades (crispy fried balls)

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

These fried crispy balls are one of the best treats for Hanukkah. There are many versions of this dessert in different cultures, each one with its own twist- like Lokma, Zalabyieh, Beignet, Awamat. I call it Loukoumades because that's how I was introduced to this amazing dessert for the first time. Usually dipped in honey syrup and decorated with grated walnut- I decided to coat them with ground pistachios. They are so easy to make, absolutely delicious and because of their size, you don't need to feel guilty eating more than one. I mean more than a few haha.


320 gr flour

270 ml water

20 gr sugar

15 gr corn starch

10 gr yeast

5 gr salt

200 gr honey

100 ml boiling water

Canola oil for frying

100 gr ground pistachio (optional)


- In a bowl mix the flour, sugar, corn starch, yeast, and salt.

- Add the water slowly while mixing.

- Knead the dough for 8 min, then shape into a tight ball and let it rest in a bowl, covered with a towel, until double in size.

- Prepare the honey syrup by simply mixing 200 gr honey with 100 gr boiling water until the honey has dissolved in the water.

- Grind the pistachios in pulses in a food processor until you get a pistachio powder.

- Once the dough has doubled in size heat up the oil in a deep pan to 320F or 160C.

- Squeeze the dough in your hand to get a small ball (a bit smaller than a ping pong) and cut it using a spoon.

- Drop the ball directly into the oil and fry until lightly golden. Remove from the oil and repeat.

- Once you fried all the balls for the first time, give them their second frying round until dark golden.

- Remove for the heat and dip in the honey syrup.

- Coat with ground pistachios and serve immediately!

- Happy Hanukkah!