Khachapuri Adjaruli

Khachapuri is the signature cheese bread in Georgia. The name comes from the translation from Georgian- "Khacho" means cheese, and "puri" is bread. Two years ago, I went on an incredible culinary journey in Georgia. I traveled there without any plan on where I going to visit. That's my favorite way to travel. Just getting lost in a different culture. Discovering new places, speaking with locals through their eyes (I don't speak Georgian), and tasting flavors and combinations I've never experienced before. Khachapuri Adjaruli is just one type of Khachapuri, which refers to a boat shape cheese bread with runny egg yolk and butter. I got this brilliant recipe from one of the locals I met in a bakery in the Kazbegi mountains. The origin of that Khachapuri shape is from the Lazi people, who were sailors. Khachapuri Adjaruli is a particular representation of the boat, sea, and sun. How beautiful is that??

This recipe yields two Khacahpuris, so feel free to double, even triple the amount of ingredients.

Shall we!? YASSS!


For the dough-

250 gr white flour

160 ml lukewarm water

10 ml olive oil

5 gr sugar

5 gr dry yeast

5 gr salt

For the filling-

100 gr feta cheese

100 gr mozzarella cheese

100 gr cheddar cheese

1 free range egg

15 gr flour

For the baked Khachapuri-

2 free range egg yolks- one for each Khachapuri


Melted butter to brush the edges of the Khachapuri

Preparation steps:

- In a bowl mix the water, sugar and yeast.

- Add the flour, salt and oil. Start to mix until all the ingredients are incorporated in the dough, then move to knead on a working surface.

- Knead the dough for 6-8 min, until it gets smooth, elastic and beautiful.

- Round the dough and place it in a greased bowl until it double in size.

- Punch the dough and divide it into two pieces.

- Each piece round to a ball and let them rest for about 10-15 min.

- Prepare the filling by mixing all the cheeses together with the flour and the egg.

- Preheat the oven to 450F or 230C.

- Using a rolling pin- open each ball to a 1/2 cm thickness rectangle shape.

- Roll the longer part of the rectangle dough towards the center, leaving about 5-6 cm space in between them (to fill in the cheese filling).

- Close the edges of the rolled part to create a boat shape.

- Fill the center with the cheese filling, spread it evenly. Use half the amount of the filling for each piece of dough. Not less, not more.

- Bake for 12-14 min- until all the cheese melted and the edges start to get some color.

- Take out the oven, using a spoon- make a hole in each Khachapuri for the egg yolk.

- Fill the hole with an egg yolk and keep baking for additional 2 min (we want the egg yolk to be a bit runny still).

- Take out from the oven. Place a nice chunk of butter to melt in the Khachapuri and brush the crust with melted butter.

- Eat while it's still hot, take a piece of the crust and dip it in the cheese and the egg yolk.



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