Jerusalem Bagel

BAGEL, BAGEL, BAGEL. This bagel brings me so many memories from my childhood. Even now, every time I visit Jerusalem it is a must to get a bunch of these bagels. Somehow they remain fresh all day long and are sold for a ridiculous price of less than a dollar each. Always served wrapped in a newspaper and with a little bag of Za'atar. 2 years ago I went with my dad on a late-night bakery tour in Jerusalem. They showed us their daily preparations which allow them to bake thousands of bagels that will be sold around the city. I hope that next year I will be able to take some of you with me on a late-night bakeries tour. Today it is Israel's Birthday, and she is a big girl, 73 years old. Happy birthday mamma.


For the dough-

400 gr bread flour

100 gr whole wheat flour

285 ml water

40 ml olive oil

30 gr sugar

10 gr dry yeast

10 gr salt

For the topping-

400 ml water

200 gr sugar

Lots of sesame

Preparation steps:

- In a bowl mix the water, sugar, and yeast. Mix well.

- Add the flours and pour the olive oil on top. Mix well until almost all the ingredients got completely incorporated, then add the salt.

- Work the dough on a working surface for about 8-10 min, until it is elastic and sexy.

- Place to proof in a greased bowl, covered with a towel, until double in size.

- In the meantime- prepare the simple syrup by boiling the sugar in water until completely dissolved.

- Then- punch the dough, and divide it into 150 gr pieces.

- Each piece shape into a little ball. Cover with a towel and let it rest for 10-15 min.

- Each ball open to a very long strand, it should be thin don't you worry.

- Stick the edges of the strand together, roll them to seal it to a big bagel shape.

- Dip the bagel in the syrup and then coat it with the sesame seeds.

- Place on a baking tray and let to proof (covered with a towel) for 30-45 min. Preheat the oven to 360F or 180C.

- Bake the bagels for 20 min.

- Serve wrapped in a newspaper, with Za'atar and the best olive oil you have.



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