Hot Dog Rolls

Hot dogs are my favorite fast food. I mean, I know the simple hot dog is not the healthiest thing but once in a while it's definitely worth it! And if you already going on this guilty pleasure, make your own rolls! Make it a party! These rolls are super easy and quick to make, soft and buttery, hugging each hotdog with huge love. Try to make your rolls shorter than your hotdogs. It's much sexier when they are peaking out from the bun. The toppings and the add-ins to the dish are up to you- some people add sauerkraut, some add raw onion or grilled peppers. I like mine with relish, mustard, and ketchup. The combination of colors and the simplicity of flavors just make me super happy. What are your favorite toppings to your HOTDOG?!


For the rolls-

500 gr bread flour

230 ml whole milk

30 gr soft butter

15 gr sugar

10 gr dry yeast

10 gr salt

1 free-range egg

1 free-range egg yolk

For brushing-

1 free-range egg

Melted butter

Preparation steps:

- Start by heating up the milk. We want it to get to room temperature (70-75F, 20-23C), not hot, just not fridge cold.

- In a stand mixer's bowl add the milk and the yeast and mix well.

- Add the egg, egg yolk, sugar, and mix well.

- Add the flour and set the mixer on the lowest speed. Knead for 5 min until all the ingredients got incorporated into the dough.

- Add the butter and speed up the mixer one notch. Knead for another 5-6 min.

- Add the salt. Knead for an additional 2 min.

- Round the dough and place it in a greased bowl, covered with a towel, until doubled in size.

- Punch the dough and divide it into 70 gr pieces.

- Each piece round to a little ball and let them rest, covered with a towel, for 10-15 min.

- Shaping: Flatten the ball (upside down), then roll it on itself to a nice short roll. I wanted my rolls to be short because I love it when the hotdogs are peaking out.

- Place them on a baking tray, 1 cm space between one another. We want them to stick to each other when they proof in the oven. That's what gives them the authentic look like a hotdog roll.

- Let the rolls proof until almost touching each other, about 30 min. In the meantime preheat the oven to 380F or 190C.

- Brush the rolls with egg and send them to the oven for 18-20 min.

- Take the rolls out of the oven and brush them with melted butter.

- Prepare the hotdogs as you want. I like mine pan-fried.

- Cut the bun in the middle, spread relish, mustard, and ketchup. Place the hot dog.



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