Homemade Butter

If it looks like a butter, spreads like a butter, and taste like a butter, then it probably is a butter.

You tell me- is there anything sexier and cooler than making your own butter? I mean- I had no idea how easy the process is. All you need is one ingredient and a mixer. That's all. The quality of the butter obviously depends on the quality of the milk (heavy cream). I got mine from the farmers market next to my house. Locally sourced, organic, and romantic. The taste is incredible and you can add so many flavors to it- spices, salt, herbs, seaweed, and much other cool stuff. Go and get your heavy cream and make your butter right now!


- 1L heavy cream

Preparation steps:

- In a stand mixer's bowl pour in all the heavy cream. Attach the wire-whip (whisker).

- Start to beat the heavy cream at low-medium speed (speed 4 in KitchenAid).

- Once the cream starts to thicken- up the speed of the mixer to the 7-8 speed.

Using a spatula- scrape the side of the bowl and keep whisking.

- Beat the cream until you notice the butterfat separating from the buttermilk. Then lower the speed of the mixer- it will start to get messy. Once the butterfat coagulates and sticks to the whisk, you can drain off the buttermilk into a jar and use it later on.

- Remove the butter from the whisk.

- Squeeze the butter to remove any excess liquid.

- Then place it in any container you have in your kitchen. I used a small cheese mold because I like the shape it gives to the butter.

- Place in the fridge until the butter cools down completely.

- Take out from the container and wrap with baking paper or eat it all immediately with friends and family!



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