Haroset Balls

To be honest, my entire childhood I was scared of Haroset. Firstly, because of its name. Haroset. Secondly, there are many versions of making this dish so you never really know what to expect. Some add grated apples, some add sweet wine, some add both. So I decided to make an easy-going version for you guys, highlighting only the ingredients I like. Dates, nuts, raisins, and spices. The mixture ended up being solid like a stiff dough. So I took a look at the paste and thought: "Let's roll them into balls and eat them like a snack". That's how the Haroset Balls came to be. I gave it to my mom. She arrived yesterday with my dad to visit Zikki and I. My mom is avoiding bread the whole holiday. So what's better to snack than Haroset Balls - all week long!? YASSS.


5 Majhool dates

200 gr dates paste

100 gr walnuts

50 gr pecans

40 gr golden raisins

6 gr cinnamon

4 gr cardamom powder

4 gr cloves powder

Half a nutmeg

Preparation steps:

- In a bowl- separate the dates from their seeds. Cut the dates with scissors.

- Add the dates paste, nuts, raisins, and spices. The nutmeg grate to the bowl as well.

- Mix well.

- Roll to little balls and place in mini baking cups.

- Snack them all Passover!



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