English Muffins

Let me tell you something- the only English muffins I've ever had in my life were homemade English muffins. Some will say that without trying the store-bought ones you don't really know what your are talking about. But I'm actually happy to have only had the good ones. This guys are super duper easy to make and it really is such a forgiving dough. During shaping, you can use a cookie cutter or simply curl them into balls, ones you would flatten before pan baking. I used a mini tart ting to get the "English Muffin" shape from my dough and I'm really happy with the result. Small English muffins, bite size! I love to make small baked goods, because it always me eat more of them in the end! Great recipes for breakfast sandwiches with the English muffins are coming very soon!


500 gr white flour

180 ml warm-ish whole milk (about 95F or 35C)

140 ml lukewarm water

35 gr super soft butter

15 gr sugar

12 gr salt

10 gr dry yeast


- In a stand mixer's bowl add the milk, water, sugar and yeast and stir well.

- Add the flour and the butter. Make sure the butter is really soft.

- Attach the bowl to the stand mixer and set it on the lowest speed.

- After all the ingredients incorporated into a cohesive dough (about 3 min), add the salt and keep kneading on the lowest speed for additional 8-10 min.

- Round the dough into a tight ball and place it in an oiled bowl, covered with a towel, until double in size.

- Punch the dough and remove it from the bowl to an oiled working surface (just a thin layer of oil, simply drizzle few drops of oil on the working surface and spread them well).

- Open the dough with a rolling pin to a rectangle, 1 cm or 1/2 inch thickness.

- Using a cookie cutter or a mini tart ring, score as many English muffin doughs as you can. The rest of the dough- reshape to a tight ball, let it rest for half an hour and repeat the process.

- On a baking sheet, spread semolina (or cornmeal), then place the scored English muffins directly on the semolina. That gives the English muffins their typical look and texture.

- Cover the scored English muffins with a towel and let them proof for about 30-45 min.

- Hit up a cast iron pan on the lowest heat. If you'll cook it on stronger heat, you'll end up getting an uncooked muffins. The English muffins need to be pan-baked for a couple of minutes.

- Using a spatula/turner transfer the English muffins as gentle as you can to the pan. We try to keep all the air in them so don't flip them on the pan, simply place them carefully.

- After 3 min flip them to the other side and pan bake for another 3 min.

- Remove from the heat and enjoy!

- If you plan to keep eating them in the next few days, keep the English muffins in a good container and toast them before you eat. Remember! English muffins you open with your hands or with a fork, never with a knife! (Don't know why, but why not hahaha).



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