Corn Pancakes

It is corn season, and right before it leaves us for another year, I went to Zikki's garden and picked some corn husks to share with you the recipe for these beautiful pancakes. They are different from what you are used to. Besides the natural sweetness of the corn, these pancakes are not sweet; there is no added sugar to the batter. This is why I decided to finish them with tons of grated Parmigiano Reggiano and a sexy extra virgin olive oil. In the batter itself, I used blended corn and whole kernels which give the pancakes another dimension. You have to make it! Make sure to do it before the end of the season. YASSS.


200 gr white flour

100 gr sour cream

7 gr baking powder

3 whole corns

2 free-range eggs

7 gr salt

Black pepper (I like to use a lot of black pepper, feel free to add as much as makes you happy)

Parmigiano Reggiano (can be replaced with Grana Padano or Pecorino)

Extra virgin olive oil


- Remove the corn husks.

- With a sharp knife, shave the corn from the cob. Put aside a handful of corn kernels.

- Using a food processor- blend the corn to a smooth paste.

- In a bowl, add the eggs and the sour cream and beat well.

- Add the blended corn and mix well.

- Add the flour, baking powder, salt, and pepper. Mix until all the ingredients are incorporated into the batter. Don't mix more than that, we don't want to develop gluten.

- Finally, add the corn kernels and mix them in the batter.

- Preheat a pan on medium heat. Add butter and spread well on the pan.

- Scoop a spoon of the batter and place it on the pan.

- After 2-3 min- flip the pancakes on the other side and cook for an additional 2-3 min.

- Stack the pancakes on top of each other, grate a lot of Parmigiano Reggiano (it's never enough), and drizzle olive oil on top.

- What a bite, WOW!



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