Confit Garlic

If you still don't have a confit garlic jar at home that's exactly the time to make one. At least one. Confit is a traditional French cooking method, originally referred to slow cooking over a long period of time as a method of preservation. Confit is a cooking term that describes when food is cooked in grease, oil, or sugar water, at a lower temperature, as opposed to deep-frying. It can be kept at room temperature forever, but you will probably finish it before. You can spread it on bread, add it to sandwiches, add it to stews, or basically whenever you want a hint of garlic but don't want it to be aggressive. And.... don't throw the oil, it is garlic-infused olive oil you can use for cooking. It will change your dish completely!

This product is a must in your pantry.


8-10 heads of garlic

Pinch of salt

Oregano/Rosemary/Thyme (optional)

Enough olive oil to cover all the garlic cloves

Preparation steps:

- Separate all the cloves from the garlic heads.

- Place them in a bowl and cover with another bowl of the same size.

- Shake the bowl for 2-3 min.

- Open the bowls and you will see most of the cloves (if not all of them) are already peeled.

- Clean them from their shell and place them in a little pot.

- Add salt and any herb you like.

- Cover the cloves with olive oil.

- Cook on low heat for 45-60 min, or until you pin them with a toothpick and they are soft.

- Let them cool down and place them in a jar.

- The jar can be kept at room temperature forever. Anytime you want to take a clove or two out of the jar- pay attention to use a clean fork/spoon, not to do double-dipping, and not to touch with your hands!



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