Challah Schnitzel Sandwich

I seriously don't remember the last time I had such an incredible sandwich. In the past few years, challah schnitzel sandwich became the new addiction in Israel. There are many versions to this divine sandwich, but the key ingredients are mini challah, matbuha (hot tomato sauce), fried eggplants, and freshly fried schnitzel (usually more than one). I added super thin slices of my grandpa's pickles and tahini on top. The challah, by the way, is braided from one strand only, then brushed and topped with sesame seeds. For the schnitzel and the eggplants- I usually don't fry at home, it's getting always messy and it's a pain in the ass to clean. But this sandwich is 10000% worth it! YASSS.


For the mini challah-

500 gr white flour

225 ml lukewarm water

50 gr sugar

60 ml extra virgin olive oil

10 gr dry yeast

10 gr sea salt

1 egg

For the sandwich-

Chicken schnitzel (1-3 for each mini challah)

2 egglants





- In a bowl mix water, yeast, and sugar. Add the egg.

- Add the flour to the bowl and don't stir.

- Pour the olive oil on top.

- Start mixing for 4 min until you get a homogenous dough.

- Add the salt.

- Keep kneading for 2-3 min until all the salt has been incorporated into the dough- then keep kneading on a working surface for an additional 6-8 min or until smooth and sexy.

- Round the dough into a tight ball and place it in an oiled bowl to proof. Cover with a towel to avoid the dough from drying out.

- After the dough has doubled in size, divide it into 120 gr pieces.

- Round each piece to a perfect sealed ball. Place them 2 cm apart and cover with a towel. Let them rest for 15-20 min.

- Flattening each ball to a pita shape, start to roll the top towards you, creating a sausage shape. In this way, we avoid air pockets in the strands. Flour the strands gently. In this way, the braiding will come out more beautiful from the oven.

- Braid each strand into mini challah.

- Cover the mini challahs with a towel and let them proof. You know it is ready to be baked when you touch the strands (gently!!!!!) and it bounced back slowly.

- Brush with egg yolk mixed with a sip of water. Don't make a pool of eggs on the challah. Light Brushing. We don't want an omelet on our bread! Spread sesame seeds.

- Bake in a preheated oven to 380F or 190C for about 15-20 min.

- Cool the challah on a rack.

- In the meantime- prepare the schnitzel and the eggplants.

- For the eggplants: slice, then salt and let them sweat, it will take out their bitterness. After 20 min, dry them with a paper towel. Cover them with flour and remove all the extra flour that remains on the eggplant (it should be a super thin layer of flour, not too much). Fry them until crispy and dark in color. Remove from oil and let them rest on a paper towel.

- For the schnitzel: cut a chicken breast into the desired thickness of your schnitzel. Coat the chicken slices with a thin layer of flour. Then dip in an egg mix (egg+spices to your chocie+mustard). Coat each side in bread crumbs (preferable homemade bread crumbs). Fry them until crispy and dark in color. Remove from oil and let them rest on a paper towel.

- Open each mini challah and spread a beautiful layer of Matbuha on each side of the bread.

- Layer some pickles, fried eggplants, and schnitzels. Drizzle some tahini on top and close the sandwich.

- It is one of the best bites you had, isn't it???



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