Some people call it Blinches, some call it Bliny, we call it Blinchiky. These beautiful elegant thin Ukrainian pancakes are an amazing treat for your morning breakfast. So easy to make, literally throwing all the ingredients in the blender and you have the batter. Pour and spread it on a butter greased pan and cook them quickly so they still remain white and beautiful. Then, we fill them up with an amazingly light filling, fold them, and spread some jam and powdered sugar on top.

Happy Shavuot Lovers!


For the Blinchiky-

400 ml milk

300 gr flour

4 free-range eggs

25 gr soft butter (you can also use melted butter)

15 gr powdered sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla

For the filling-

200 gr sour cream

200 gr ricotta

10 gr powdered sugar

Lime zest

Preparation steps:

- Prepare the filling:

- Mix the sour cream, ricotta, powdered sugar, and lime zest. Place in the fridge.

- In a stand mixer add the milk, eggs, soft butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and flour.

- Blend until all the ingredients get together, about 2 min.

- Heat a pan on medium-high heat.

- Brush the pan with butter.

- Pour a full ladle of the batter onto the pan and move it so it's spread all over the pan.

- Cook for a minute, then flip and cook another minute.

- Wait for the Blinchiky to cool down.

- Spread two spoons of the filling on the Blinchiky, fold the bottom to the canter.

- Fold the sides to the center and roll.

- Spread some blueberry jam and powdered sugar on top.

- Enjoy with your lovers.



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