Basic Pasta Recipe

This pasta recipe is the first in the pasta series that I prepare for you. With that basic recipe you can make so many pasta shapes with. All what you need are two ingredients only- free-ranged eggs and flour. Usually preferable to use pasta flour which means flour that was ground very fine. It helps the flour to absorb the eggs in the dough. Sometimes the dough might feel dry when you knead it. Don’t add any liquid. We want to keep this delicate flavour of simplicity. My trick to overcome that obstacle is to lightly wet your hands (Lightly!!) and keep kneading the dough. You will be shocked how easy the dough comes together like a magic. The tomato sauce I used here is from leftover tomato soup I made earlier this week for the grilled cheese video!


For the pasta-

1 free range egg for every 100 gr flour (in this recipe I used 4 eggs and 400 gr flour).

For the baked tomato soup-

6 tomatoes

1/2 onion

5 cloves of garlic

1 boiled potato (in a tomato soup I would use potato for thickening, but if you make this sauce especially for the pasta sauce it’s not necessary)

1 whole peeled tomatoes can

1 tsp of oregano, thyme, and black pepper

2 tsp of salt

Olive oil


Preparation steps:

- Pour the flour on the working surface. Make a pit in the middle.

- Break one egg at a time into a separate bowl. This way we clear that all the eggs are fine and avoid damaging the rest of the mixture just in case one egg is off.

- Start mixing the eggs into the pit, each time collecting more flour from the sides of the pile.

- When the eggs are fully incorporated into the flour, knead the dough until it is smooth and elastic.

TIP!!!! If the dough is too dry, lightly wet your hands and keep working the dough.

You will be shocked how easily you collect the remaining flour on the surface.

- Wrap the dough the place in the fridge to rest for at least one hour, maximum 2 days.

- When you are ready to make your pasta- boil some water and make the sauce. In the meantime open the pasta.

- Using a rolling pin- open the dough as thin as you can. If you have a pasta machine start rolling on level 1 and go thin until level 7.

- Flour the pasta sheet and roll it on itself.

- Using a very sharp knife cut the pasta to the desire width.

- Cook the pasta for 4 min, then cook in the sauce for a minute. Remember- the sauce always waits for the pasta, not the other way around!

- Plate, add tons of parmigiano reggiano, black pepper, and extra virgin olive oil.

- Yassss.


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