Baba Ganoush

Don't know what about you guys, but when I see an open fire, I have to burn some eggplants. It is deep in my blood, I have no other explanations for it. Baba Ganoush is a Levantine appetizer (Lebanese origin, popular all over the middle-east) consisting of eggplant, olive oil, lemon juice, various seasonings, and sometimes tahini. My version uses tahini, but I find myself sometimes doing this dish even without, which keeps the dish very light. Next time you are grilling outside, get some eggplants and throw them on the fire. The key to burn the eggplants properly is not to flip them every two seconds. In fact- in my method I flip them once, and it makes a world of a difference, believe me. YASSS.


3-4 eggplants, preferred the fat ones

Two cloves of garlic


160 ml Raw tahini

Half a lemon

100 ml water

Olive oil


- For the Baba Ganoush we will need to burn the eggplants properly. Start by setting your grill to 700F or 370C, you can do it on your stove as well. I recommend not putting them in the oven- this way they are getting cooked and we lose the identical smokey flavours of the dish.

- Place the eggplants on the grill and let them burn. It would take few minutes and the whole magic- is if you leave it to burn and not flipping them every two seconds. In fact, in my method we flip the eggplants only once.

- Flip the eggplants. You know it's time to flip the eggplants to the other side when you knock on the eggplants skin and they cracks.

- Once the other side's skin cracks as well when you knock on it- remove from the grill and let it rest standing in the bowl. The eggplants will start to release some liquids which we will throw away eventually.

- Peel the garlic cloves and chop them finely. Then sprinkle some salt on them and smash with the dull-side of your knife. The salt will help to break the garlic down to a smooth paste.

- In the meantime, make the tahini. Start with the water, lemon and salt. Slowly drizzle the tahini while mixing, until you get the desire texture.

- Peel the eggplant and remove their heads.

- In a bowl add the peeled eggplants, tahini, and the garlic. Mix super well until homogenous. If you want to get a super smooth Baba Ganoush you can blend all the ingredients together in a food processor.

- Spread on a plate and scrape with your homemade pita.



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