Almond Milk From Scratch

Are you ready for the best-iced coffee you ever had at home? To be completely honest this recipe blew my mind entirely. Since I moved to the United States, I've been so impressed by the variety of milk alternative products. Besides cheese, yogurt, and heavy cream which I still think are better in the natural dairy form, I drink only milk alternatives. One of my favorites is almond milk, once I realized how delicious and inexpensive it is to make at home, there is no way back! My recipe calls for maple syrup to make the milk a tad sweeter. Once you finish reading this recipe— go to your kitchen and soak the almonds. Tomorrow you'll thank me! 😉


750 ml water

150 gr raw almonds (soaked overnight)

30 gr maple syrup or honey

Preparation steps:

- Soak the almonds overnight (the water in the ingredients is not the one I refer to for the soaking, that's for the blending step later on).

- The morning after, drain the almonds.

- In a blender add the soaked almonds, water, and maple syrup. You don't have to add a sweetener but it does make it sexy and tasty.

- Blend for a minute.

- Place a bowl with a sieve and a towel on top. Pour the milk from the mixer on the towel.

- Squeeze the towel to extract all the almond milk.

- Pour it into a beautiful glass bottle and place it in the fridge for up to 4 days. If the milk is separated in the bottle it's totally fine. Give it a nice shake and you are ready to go.



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